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    The Whisper Tapes is a collection of exclusive mentalism videos by Lewis Le Val that are only available for customers of e-mentalism.com
    Perfectly recorded in HD and beautifully edited by Lewis himself, each volume is full of powerful knowledge for the mystery performer.
    The Whisper Tapes have been a complete success, performers from all around the globe are using Lewis' material each day more and more... his approach to mentalism is so incredibly believable and his methods super easy and completely fool- proof.
    We have already published 10 volumes so we are celebrating.
    That's more than 4 hours of video content and each minute is pure liquid gold for the mystery performer, Lewis shares all his professional tips and amazing secrets, no stone is left unturned.
    For a very limited timed you can download all 10 volumes and also receive a beautiful limited edition collectors USB so you can watch them anytime!
    That means that you can watch them all while you wait for your secret package to arrive to your door.
    As a bonus the USB contains two mind blowing effects by Lewis: Finders Keepers & Peeky Blinder.
    You will also get an incredible never before published effect by Jose Prager. It's pure telepathy. Anytime. Anywhere.
    This is a collectors item. This will be one of the best investments in your life if you love mentalism... don't miss this chance. They will go fast, very fast.
    USB content:
    VOL 1 - The Intuition Effect
    Using a deck of cards, your spectator manages to not once, but twice use their intuition to find a particular card from a shuffled deck.
    This routine uses NO GIMMICKS, minimal setup and can be performed with a borrowed deck.
    VOL 2 - The Thought Seer
    Read the thoughts of every member of your audience.
    A fantastic routine known as The Thought Seer. Cleverly designed for walk around or casual performances, the routine happens as follows;
    Every spectator is handed a small piece of paper.
    They write/draw whatever you ask of them. (A free choice of any word/number/shape etc)
    The papers are folded and collected, then shuffled by a spectator.
    One by one, each piece is held in your closed fist, and you are able to accurately describe what is written or drawn on the paper, AND who it belongs to!
    VOL 3 - Pocket Psychic
    Le Val shares his absolute favourite full billet peek. Routines performed with this peek look like genuine psychic demonstrations! 
    Using only a napkin, pocket square, bandana, small scarf or similar, you will have one of the simplest and cleanest full billet peeks ever!
    VOL 4 - Aura
    Give your spectators the ability to sense and reveal secret information!
    This is “spectator as mind reader” as clean as it comes. The PERFORMER writes or draws on any number of business cards, which are mixed face down on the table. The SPECTATOR can then correctly identify the information on each card!
    VOL 5 - The Dreamer
     Imagine having the ability to reach deep inside a person’s subconscious mind and reveal their dreams!
    The Dreamer not only allows you to reveal something a spectator has recently dreamt about, but to also make a prediction for their dreams to come!
    VOL 6 - Blind Choice
    A simple but extremely effective technique that allows you to force ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING.
    VOL 7 - Pack of Wolves
     This routine was designed to look like a genuine display of a mental ability.
    Your spectator shuffles the deck, grabs a small pack of cards from the deck and shuffles them further.
    After selecting a card from the pack, it is returned and shuffled, again, by your spectator.
    Now without touching anything, you are able to not only locate their selected card, but also reveal what that card is!
    VOL 8 - Psychological forces 01
    In this double length volume, Le Val discusses psychological forces. Techniques that you can use to secretly give your spectators a push closer to choosing exactly what you want them to choose, whilst maintaining the feeling of free choice.
    As you may know, psychological forces do not work 100% of the time, but with the techniques, tips and subtleties shared in this volume, you will be well on your way to influencing your spectators choices with a greater accuracy and hit rate, using nothing more than your words and gestures.
    VOL 9 - The new ESP
    Emotionally Stimulated Precognition is a set of 5 symbols that have each been chosen to represent 5 different aspects of our lives. These are the 5 most common subjects that people like to hear about during any form of reading.
    All existing ESP routines can be performed with these new symbols, as well as plenty more. The biggest difference being that your spectators will care 100% more about these symbols, as they represent their own lives. So in your routines, you are no longer revealing basic shapes, you are revealing the lives and emotions of others.
    To make use of this system and begin performing instantly, all you need is a pen and some business cards.
    VOL 10 - Expert witness
     By simply observing your spectator’s free choices, you will be able to find the hidden object, every. single. time.
    For example, there are three envelopes on the table. Whilst your back is turned, your spectator freely selects any envelope to hide an object inside. Once they have finished mixing the envelopes around, you will always know EXACTLY which envelope contains the object!
    BONUS #1 Finders Keepers
    Three borrowed coins, three sealed envelopes.
    A spectator secretly writes something/anything on a coin (a number, letter, ESP symbol etc.) This coin is then sealed in an envelope.
    Another two or more coins are then sealed in separate envelopes, all of which are mixed by the spectator whilst the performer’s back is turned. WITHOUT TOUCHING ANYTHING, the performer can not only locate the correct envelope, but also reveal what is written or drawn on the coin, before the envelope is even opened!
    This routine uses NO GIMMICKS and has a minimal setup.
    BONUS #2 Peeky Blinder
    Using items you already have, within 10 seconds you will be able to make the most innocent looking peek device that could very well replace your peek wallet!
    End completely clean.
    Spectator gets to keep the card they write on.
    Unlike with a peek wallet, the card that the spectator writes on does not end up inside a wallet in your pocket, but SANDWICHED BETWEEN THEIR HANDS!
    All the 10 volumes and the two BONUS routines are usually priced in more than 150 USD but if you get the limited edition USB  stick you can have them all for just 80 USD!
    The USB also contains a very special never before seen secret by Jose Prager that is worth more just 80 bucks! It will allow you to read mind anytime with no billets or crazy stuff,  just what you carry with you everyday and you will be able to perform one of the most powerful plots in mentalism in the cleanest way possible. Anytime and anywhere. Pure and direct telepathy... this secret will only be available to the owners of this USB.
    PLEASE BE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included
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