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     Watch This One By J. B. Bobo


    For over half a century, J. B. Bobo was one of America's foremost magicians - performing 300 to 450 shows a year. It was estimated that over his incredible career, he performed over 14,000 school shows!

    In Bobo's first book, published in 1947, you'll find an outstanding collection of sleight of hand magic with everyday objects. Every effect is audience-tested, every paragraph set forth with clarity and patience. And with his legendary attention to detail, the writer doesn’t offer mere tricks and sleights, but detailed instructions for turning each piece of conjuring into first-class entertainment.

    Plus, in addition to Bobo's own pet effects and routines, you'll also find contributions from top names like Paul Fox, J. G. Thompson, Jr., J. Steward Smith, Paul Ebling, Wallace Lee, Harry McDaniel and Phil Huckabee. Take a peek at this Table of Contents!

    Chapter One - New Card Technique

    Multiple Card Control
    The Ebling Crimp
    Color Change
    Bottom Up
    Top Peek
    U Peek, I Peek
    Bottom Peek

    Chapter Two - Keys and Tricks Therewith

    A New Key Card Found
    Telephone Miracle
    The Isolated Key
    Bobo Locatrix
    Two Backward Cards
    Stop Card Trick
    ln His Hands

    Chapter Three - Miscellaneous Card Tricks

    Behind His Back
    Triple Thought
    Four Ace Routine
    Card To Pocket
    The Invisible Deck
    Out Of This World Follow Up
    Double Discovery
    Cards In Flight

    Chapter Four - Bobo System of Card Control

    Chapter Five - The Art of Sleeving

    Delayed Action Sleeving
    Color Changing Thimble
    Glass Of Liquid Production
    The "Pumpkin Seed" Vanish
    Coin To Ring
    The Catapult
    Chameleon Knives
    Through The Table

    Chapter Six - Coin Tricks

    A New Switch
    The Squirting Nickle
    The inseparable Pair
    Bobo Vanish
    The Magic Mint
    Chinese Money Mystery
    Knee-zy Vanish
    The Ghost Of A Coin
    Mystery With A Half Shell
    Sucker Vanish
    Peregrinating Quarters
    Silver and Copper, I, II, III
    The Penny-Trating Coin

    Chapter Seven - Tricks with Miscellaneous Articles

    Match Penetration
    The Exploding Thimble
    Knots To You
    Thimble Change-Over
    Throwing A Knot
    Ring On String
    Thimble Pop-up

    54 separate items - some of them several pages in length - from which to brighten your repertoire. If you do "Twelve Cards to Pocket" you will want Bobo's priceless patter and bits of business with a boy from the audience that turn that classic into a riot of entertainment. Plus, The Bobo System of Card Control is fully detailed, as are an array of excellent card tricks including Bobo Locatrix (the trick that fooled Al Baker), Bobo's own favorite coin moves and effects, an entire chapter devoted to the art of sleeving - at which Mr. Bobo was a master, and so much more. Edited by James G. Thompson, Jr. Introduction by John Braun. 53 illustrations. Reformatted to 79 big pages, completely re-typeset.

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