W. E. Butler - The Magician, His Training and Work

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    W. E. Butler - The Magician, His Training and Work


    This book is really a continuation, though in greater detail, of my former book Magic: its Ritual, Power and Purpose. So many questions were asked by readers of that little work, that it was thought that a more detailed treatment of the subject would help to meet the evident need for information on this subject. I recognise, of course, that my efforts do not reach the standard of those who are the acknowledged stars of the magical firmament —Eliphas Levi, Dion Fortune, Israel Regardie and many others— but it may be that, from the standpoint that is mine, I may be able to help those who are "desirous of knowing in order to serve" to take the first step along the road of magical achievement. My thanks are due to many who have helped me in magical work throughout the past forty years. Catholic priests, Free Church ministers, occultists of both the Western and Eastern Traditions, doctors and psychologists, all have helped in various ways, and to them all I am most grateful. Particularly in connection with the writing of this book am I indebted to the late Bishop Robert King (who was my first teacher in these things) and another, a true Master of Magic, who by his own wish must remain anonymous. I also wish to gratefully acknowledge the help afforded me by Mrs. Hilda Eastburn of Peaslake, who, amid the duties of a busy life so kindly made time to voluntarily and freely type the manuscript of this book. As in my former book, so in this, I have endeavoured to give the principles involved in such a way as to encourage the reader to do some constructive thinking in applying them in actual practice —my distaste for "tabloid information" being as strong as ever!


    W.E Butler has written a sane, comprehensive and informative introduction to magic and managed to fit it all into a slim paperback.

    During his life, Mr Butler travelled and trained in India and was also a friend of Dion Fortune, who he greatly admired.

    He was involved with the Theosophical Society and their teachings as well as the Liberal Catholic Church.

    He co-wrote the Helios Correspondence Course with Gareth Knight which would later become the Servants of the Light Occult school.

    This work is now becoming increasingly more expensive and rare but well worth the effort one might put in to find it.



    I love this book, and cannot but help reread it as Butler has introduced me to so many concepts in the worlds of ritual magic. It is more theory than practice, but the obligatory Lesser Banishing and short guide for astral travel are found therein as well as the use of the Flashing Colours. I found the information on developing the magical personality and Tattvic Tides particularly useful. I find his style quite personable and considerate. Contains also a good annotated bibliography.


    W. E. Butler The Magician, His Training and Work

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