Visual Telepathy by Renzo Grosso

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    Visual Telepathy by Renzo Grosso
    The effects of mentalism on the phone have become, for me, in the last two years, almost an obsession! This effect is a creation of my friend Boyet Vargas, The Four Card Mystery; my version is none other than the "telephone" version, with only the audio connection, it is my modest contribution to the diffusion of Vargas excellent work! The goal is to conduct the entire routine without being able to "eye" the cards in any way; the "forcing" is necessary and must be masked with an appropriate introduction: I have invented two, which I consider effective, which I propose below.

    VISUAL TELEPATHY (with ESP cards drawn by the spectator)

    We will try together an experience of "Visual Telepathy"; to achieve this we will use a typical tool, used in scientific experiments: ESP cards, which are characterized, first of all, by simple shapes, easy to memorize and to associate with fairly common signs and sensations. Take four business cards: we will write on the white part; let's start with the simplest, the circle, a single sign, which begins and ends on the same point and creates a universe…. Close your eyes, think of the circle, a perfect shape…. Now reopen them, take a ticket and draw a circle; lay the card, face down, in front of you, on the left (you will have to place the four cards in a row ……

    VISUAL TELEPATHY (with playing cards)

    We will try together an experience of "Visual Telepathy"; to achieve this we need simple images, known to everyone, simple to see and to memorize a deck of normal playing cards, and we will use only four of them. We will choose, for each suit, the card that you like the most, to which you are particularly attached, for whatever reason; let's start with …..

    CREDITS: The Four Card Mystery: Remote Viewing, is an excellent routine of my friend Boyet Vargas, whom I thank for allowing me to publish this "interpretation" of mine.

    1st edition 2021, PDF 26 pages.

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