Visual Card Magic (Conjuror Community)

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    Visual Card Magic (Conjuror Community)

    Get ready! Aaron Fisher gives you a sneak peek behind the curtain in this LIVE event and tips some of his most closely held secrets. And…

    ...Aaron will be taking your questions LIVE on card magic. Learn the finesses and fingerings that take your techniques from just moves to miracle manipulation!

    In what promises be a monster workshops, Aaron will be covering:

    * The infamous Invisible Cover Pass - How good is this pass? No less than Johnny Thompson described it as a stand-out example in the entire world of passes. And now Aaron will for the first time tip the secret that helped build his reputation among card workers. Visual, soft, imperceptible - come see why it is so good that Aaron kept it to himself all these years

    * Aaron’s Professional Ambitious Card Routine - Aaron has shared much Ambitious Card material over the years, but never has he tipped material that uses advanced Paper Engine methods to enhance the power. Learn how to apply double lifts, turnovers and intermediate card magic to elevate your routine to pure magic - above suspicion!

    * Professional Card to Wallet - Aaron’s pride and joy, this routine uses Paper Engine techniques to enhance an Ambitious Card routine and turn it into a miracle! Just watch other magicians try to imitate this one. This wizard-class effect will make spectator brains explode!

    * The Illusion Control - You won’t believe your eyes! Just imagine, your audience ‘burning’ your hands as you place two Kings face up on top of the deck. They never look away as you have a card freely selected, and then replaced in the center of the deck. An instant later, they react with shock and astonishment when their selection appears between the two face-up Kings on top of the deck. The Illusion Control is so clean and powerful, it will take your breath away.

    Still not enough power for you? Want your card magic to be even stronger? Are you just:

    * getting started with card magic?

    * pushing past a roadblock?

    * a worker but still want to improve?

    Aaron will be taking your questions on card magic, LIVE or beforehand, and helping you transform your techniques using his years of experience as a professional card worker and magic teacher. Learn intricacies and tips that just didn’t fit into Paper Engine and elevate your own magic above spectator reproach - burning your hands won’t help them anymore!

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