Vinny Sagoo - XRay Vision

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    Vinny Sagoo XRay Vision  


    You show a brand NEW pack of cards, still sealed with the cellophane on.You take the cellophane off, break the seal and drop the cards into your hand.After removing the jokers and advertising cards, you hand the deck to thespectator to shuffle and check that they are all normal. Once shuffled, theyare to mentally think of ANY card in the deck, say the 4 of Clubs. They findtheir mentally selected card and put in on the table face down (you are turnedaway at this point). Tell the spectator that you have x-ray vision and youshould be able to see through the back of their card on the table, however…you want to make it more DIFFICULT. You then ask the spectator to put thewhole deck of cards face down on top of their card. You will now attempt touse your x-ray vision to look through the entire deck and tell them their card,however… you want to make it even more IMPOSSIBLE! As such, you askthe spectator to pick up the pile of cards and put it back into the card box,which you are holding behind your back (still turned away). You then takethe closed deck of cards and concentrate on the front of the box, saying thatyou are beginning to see the card, then turn it around to show the back andsay ‘brilliant’, I’ve used my x-ray vision to see your card. They obviouslylaugh thinking you are goofing around, but you have the last laugh, when youtell them it’s the 4 of Clubs! The cards can be examined BEFORE andAFTER, you really do have X-Ray Vision!


    Vinny Sagoo XRay Vision

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