Utterly Invisible by Rob Ellinger

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    Utterly Invisible by Rob Ellinger

    Make your invisible deck routine TRULY invisible with this bold new take on one of the great card effects

    The invisible deck is an absolute classic in the world of card magic - and for good reason. Without handling the deck you're able to make a named, thought of card appear.

    Well now you can do just that without the use of a gimmick. Your spectator genuinely names the card they want, and even though you barely touch the deck you make their card appear in a selection of different and impossible ways.

    You can make their card:

    • Appear reversed in the spread in the
    traditional invisible deck style of
    • Appear in your hands from nowhere.
    • Be the only card in the card box which
    the spectator can take out themselves.

    Rob takes you through every aspect of this trick with 1 hour of detailed instruction, covering the bold psychological principles at play, all the necessary moves and sleights, and also includes some bonus ideas and alternate setups.

    • No gimmicks, just an ordinary deck
    • Easy setup, reset and cleanup
    • Easy to learn
    • Only basic sleight of hand required
    • Minimal/Zero handling of the cards
    • Angle Proof
    • No dual reality

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