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    Performed by J C Sum, "Urban Underground", is a formal close-up magic show that weaves masterfully structured routines that showcase a diverse range of plots, effects and props into a seamless modern close-up performance.

    In this two-volume DVD set, J C shares his show structure, original routining, presentations, techniques and the extensive show/ case set-up that go into making the close-up show possible. 'Magic Babe' Ning joins J C in this DVD in a unique video presentation of the material and together the duo shares their thoughts on contemporary close-up magic performance.

    Students of the art who enjoy the works of magicians such as Albert Goshman, Paul Gertner, John Cornelius and Dominique Duvivier, all who have presented sit-down close-up shows, will appreciate the thinking and routining behind "Urban Underground".

    While designed as a complete show, all of the individual routines can be performed as stand-alone acts and feature multiples handlings, endings and ideas. The methods, techniques and the thinking can be applied to any type of close-up magic performance from walk around to formal shows.

    Disc 1

        Full Performance of the "Urban Underground" show (30min)
        Intro/ How to sell a formal close-up show in today's "street magic" market
        Case Set-up
        Bonus Interview on Modern Close-up Magic

    Disc 2

        Detailed Explanations of the entire "Urban Underground" show with bonus alternative endings for multiple routines
        Credits/ References List - All ideas, presentations, techniques and methods credited to respective creators
        Props List - List of all props used in "Urban Underground" and where to obtain them

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