Unknown Mentalist - Zodiak Gods

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    Unknown Mentalist - Zodiak Gods

    This includes physical products which will be shipped to you. The ebook can be downloaded instantly from your digital shelf. You can only make one purchase per customer to avail this intro price. This is to prevent unauthorized resellers from stocking up at the lower intro price. Currently this is available only here.

    You meet an utter stranger. Without her saying a single word or writing down anything, you divine her guardian gods - which she agrees with and will be stunned. Then you divine her key personality trait - which also she agrees with and is now positively amazed. Finally, out of the blue, you reveal her zodiac sign. And her jaw will drop completely. Throughout this process she doesn't utter a single word nor writes down anything.

    This is an absolute killer. The method is a classic beauty and a lovely combination of extraordinary elegance, elementary ease and powerful impact. It is made possible with the use of a single small gimmick which is the size of a poker size playing card which you can always carry in your wallet/pocket. Clean, direct and always hits 100% of the time.

    A professionally produced, high quality gimmick of size 3.5" x 2.5" is included which will last you many many years. Also included is a high quality, parlor version of the gimmick of size 6" x 4", which will also last you hundreds of performances. Everything you need is supplied in the package. You only have to supply yourself any ordinary pocket notepad and that too is optional depending on your performance style.

    Once you hand over the gimmick to the participant, you will not touch it again. It is fully examinable before, during and after the performance. The effect is instantly repeatable with a different outcome for a different participant. It can even be performed for multiple participants simultaneously.

        nothing to reset
        this does not use the swami gimmick or the unswami principle
        no peeks, no switches, no impressions
        no sleights, no stooges, no preshow
        no anagrams, no math, no forces
        and absolutely no electronics or technology
        no tearing, no instant stooging and no dual reality
        and nothing to memorize

    This is almost like impromptu, if you have the gimmick with you and can be performed anytime, anywhere to anyone. In fact, from the participant's point of view, this will appear totally propless.

    The method is so easy that you can start performing 10 minutes after reading the instructions. The entire performance process takes not more than 20-30 seconds but the presentation can be longer or shorter depending on your performance style, of course.

    At the very best, you can start your own cult with this one. At the very least, you will hear the crackling sound of brains getting fried. This can be a reputation maker for you. Someastrological ideas and designs shared by Michael Daniels are included.


    "This is a great step forwards in direct mind reading with nothing written down. The Unknown Mentalist has once again come up with a great concept that I'm sure we will see appearing in other routines and effects. This is a really neat, well thought out idea that is 100% worth adding to your arsenal of knowledge." - Marc Paul

    "I have been playing around with the cards and I think the effect is really great.... I don't remember seeing anything quite like your effect." - Richard Osterlind

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