Underhanded By Atlas Brookings and Joshua Fletcher

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     Underhanded By Atlas Brookings and Joshua Fletcher

    Why take a business card out of your wallet, have someone write or draw on it, and then put it back into your wallet?  Unless the participant is giving you their business card, this makes little sense.


    Underhanded is simply…


    The Death of the Peek Wallet!
    Underhanded is honestly the easiest, cleanest, most direct piece of peekery out there.  It gives you a full business card peek, is easy to do, requires no gimmicks, and is just plain, full blown awesome super best number one!  No nonsense, this thing is a beast, a straightforward, low tech workhorse that gives people a reason to hang on to your business cards.  And there is nothing to find.  You are so clean, it looks like you work for the CDC… ummm… because I’d expect those guys to be pretty fastidious about cleanliness.  I could be totally wrong though and that analogy doesn’t track.

    But I think it does?  Doesn’t it?

    Apart from teaching the “Underhanded” method, this book comes with a number of routines, each truly refined through performance at numerous gigs.  In fact, the book contains my drawing dupe, Epic Triple Fail, that isn’t really a dupe but is probably one of the most powerful reveals I use (really, it makes the ladies hyperventilate… something I’ve always wanted to be able to say, but I mean it – they are frequently so unexpectedly and suddenly stunned that they forget to breathe and you get that sudden intake of breath and unrepeatable stream of sailor speak), as well as the Epic Q and A – a fantastic mind reading Q and A with three people that leaves EVERYONE floored.
    Why buy expensive electronics or peek wallets?  Use a low tech method that is truly Underhanded.

    It is hard to envision a piece of mind reading that is any more direct!

    Download the  tutorial today  !

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