U.N. Coin Box Routines by Scott F. Guinn

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    Two powerful and commercial routines using Okito-type coin boxes (Boston Box and a Slot Box) and international coins with gaffs.

    You will need a range of gaffs:

    For Routine # 1:

    Two copper/silver coins (C/S), one side showing a US half dollar, the other an English Penny.
    One each of the regular matching coins--an English Penny and a US half dollar.
    An English penny expanded shell (EXP).
    For Routine # 2:
    Three Chinese coins that are the size of a half dollar
    An expanded shell Chinese coin (CES) to match
    An expanded shell half dollar (EXP)
    A Flipper Coin
    Introduces some subtle new concepts you can apply to other routines. Great stuff! If you are into coin box magic, this is an absolute "must-have"!

    38 pages of instruction in Scott's well-known clear and friendly style, accompanied by 51 photographs. All required sleights explained, including Scott's CS Subtlety, Rollout Move, and Slide Turnover.

    Level: Intermediate

    This one is neat, gives you 2 well-thought out presentations with the Okito Box. Great layout, with exact photo's and explanation, and like I've said before Scott's work is some of the only stuff out there that doesn't need a video to understand... it's that clear. Just follow the steps, add practice and you're there. He's had this out there for a while but he's dusted it off, reformatted, edited, expanded, hyperlinked, and made it just delicious. Clever stuff from a very creative guy. I gotta say, it's solid work and quite amazing. And y'know, I just like the feel of this e-book; it's just well done and got good bones to it. I gotta go find my old Okito Box and get down with Great Scott. I recommend you do the same--that is if you're serious about good strong magic at a more than affordable price. Make sure you check it out--one of the best from one of the best. - Marion Boykin (Smooth)
    This is another one of Scott's update/re-releases of previous material I picked up. Scott has done a great job with these re-releases. He's expanded the text, enlarged / added pictures, created hyperlinks in the Table of Contents to allow you to go to any part of the manuscript you wish, and my favorite thing Scott does with his PDF's, his Sleight Index. Scott has collected all of the sleights used in the routines in his Sleight Index and has hyperlinks within the text and anywhere those sleights are referenced. This allows you to jump right to the explanation of the sleights. Nice job Scott! - Hank Morfin

    1st edition 2007; 38 pages.
    word count: 7009 which is equivalent to 28 standard pages of text

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