Ultimate Illusion Collection Trinity Edition by J C Sum

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    Ultimate Illusion Collection Trinity Edition by J C Sum
    From making a motorcycle appear while surrounded by an audience, to making a car materialize within an empty enclosure, to walking through a giant industrial fan; this is the ultimate collection of professional illusions for the modern illusionist!
    J C Sum is a professional illusionist and widely regarded as one of the most prolific modern illusion designers in the world today. The "Ultimate Illusion Collection: Trinity Edition" is the 3rd edition of J C's illusion omnibus; 100% reformatted, expanded and updated into a single massive tome.
    The Trinity Edition contains the latest versions of J C's entire collection of illusions detailed in his professional illusion book trilogy,"Illusionary Departures", "Equilateral" and "Urban illusions", including new images as well as brand new illusion designs.
    In addition, all the stage acts & illusions detailed in his book "Illusionism" are included in this collection. These are specialty illusions designed with mentalism plots.
    As a bonus, the secret method of J C's first mega illusion, "The Impossible Teleportation", where he teleported 50 stories in 5 seconds in front of more than 9000 people, is outlined at the end of the book; along with a discussion on creating a mega stunt.
    The illusions have been sorted and divided into nine categories, classified according to illusion effect & genre, to make referencing easy. This will allow the reader to cross-reference methods, ideas and presentations between similar illusions easily.
    All illusion designs are detailed with full building plans, detailed fabrication instructions, material lists, performance and presentation notes.
    Almost 70 illusions are detailed in the 9 categories including:
    Deceptive Base Work
    Original Thoughts, Philosophy, Design And Fabrication Process For A Modern Base
    Black Art Case Table
    A Practical Transport Solution For A B.A. Utility
    Black Art Table Slide
    New Illusion Utility
    Fourth Dimensional Exit
    The Magical Vanishing Of A Company Of Dancers/ Performers
    Motion Delayed Vanish/ Appearance
    An Original Application Of An Illusion Utility
    Modern Flight Case Table
    An Ata Case-Table For Working Performers
    Light Pillars
    An Applied Black Art Production System
    Crystal Striptease
    The Magical Vanish & Reappearance Of A Girl While Being Stripped Of Her Clothes
    Light & Space
    A High Tech Vanish & Reappearance Illusion
    Light & Space II
    A High Tech Appearance Illusion
    A New Standard In Instant Surrounded Appearances
    Dekolta's Dilemma
    A Super-Fast Dekolta's Chair That Can Be Performed Anywhere
    A Unique Appearance Illusion
    Ultimate Victory Cartons
    An Inexpensive Appearance Illusion For Stage
    Graffiti Girl
    An Audience Participation Illusion With A Girl From Graffiti Appearance
    Reinvent The Doll House
    Back Door Appearance
    The Magical Appearance Of A Person(S) In A Special Event Setting
    A Corporate Logo Magically Appears In A Flash Of Fire
    VIP Trunk
    A Simple But Effective Appearance Of a VIP
    Ghost Cabinet
    A Versatile Prop For A Multi-Cast Illusion Production Number
    Six More Ideas For The Ghost Cabinet
    12-Girl Cabinet
    Jarrett's 21 Person Cabinet Simplified
    A Spectacular Appearance Through A Giant Industrial Fan
    Visual Displacement
    The Passing Of A Person Through Four Vertical Solid Steel Bars
    6 Inches
    Passing Through A Steel Plate
    Steel Displacement
    Walking Through A Steel Plate
    A Walk Through The Winery
    An Original Penetration Illusion
    Slicing Through
    An Innovative Presentation Through Broken Glass Bottles
    Wind Passage
    Walking Through A Giant Industrial Fan
    Reinvent The Sub-Trunk
    Eight Different Variations & Presentation Ideas For The 'Substitution Trunk'
    ATA Sub Trunk
    A Design for a Fast "Classic" Substitution Trunk
    Crystal Metamorphosis
    A Transparent Sub Trunk Designed For Speed
    Chain Reaction
    An Instant Escape With Costume Change Kicker
    A New-Age Assistant's Revenge
    Reinvent The Zig Zag Girl
    Mis-Made Girl Redone
    Seven By Half V2.0
    A Multi-Cut Divided Lady Illusion Reinvented & Improved
    Wall 2 Wall
    An Interpretation Of A Woodbury Compressing Illusion
    Squeezed & Skewered
    A Fresh New Design For A Time-Tested Plot
    Presenting Mentalism Illusions
    First Impressions
    A Powerful Opening Prediction Revelation For Stage
    Unseen Forces
    A 3-Phase Telekinesis Stage Routine
    A Dramatic Glass-Breaking Routine
    A Magic Game Show Where The Prize Turns Into A Box Of Money
    A Light-Hearted Comedy Interactive Mentalism Routine
    Psychometric Touch
    A Powerful Climax To Fogel's Signature Routine
    Jumbo Visible Deck
    Adding A Visual Element To The Invisible Deck Routine
    Fashion Statement
    A Prediction Routine With A Logical Kicker Ending
    New-Age Spirit Cabinet
    The Manifestation Of Inanimate Objects With A Kicker Ending
    Creation Of Life
    A Paradigm Of Powerful Illusion Presentation
    The Time Machine
    A 'Cerebral' Stage Routine Performed To A Time-Travel Plot
    When Motivation And Combination Collide
    The Vanishing 'Tiger'
    A Comedy Big Cat Illusion Without The Cat
    Hiding In Plain Sight
    A Sucker Comedy Teleportation
    Ultimate Full Throttle
    The Surrounded Motorcycle Appearance "'Perfected"
    Bluff Appearance
    A "Cheat" Production Of A Car Or Large Inanimate Object
    Phantom Car Appearance
    A Worker's Car Production For A Launch
    The Impossible Teleportation
    Teleporting 50 Stories In 5 Seconds
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