Twenty By Gaston Quieto

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    Twenty By Gaston Quieto
    Gaston Quieto Blockbuster DVD now Downloadable
    S.N Cardcase 
    Call Of The Jokers 
    Wild Aces 
    King's Production * (Performance Only) 
    Reverse Matrix 
    Torn And Restored Card 
    Through And Through
    What People Are Saying:
    "The video clearly expresses a perfect technique, as the result of a real strong emotion plus natural conditions." - Rene Lavand
    "Gaston has created a fresh looking state of the art video that does a great job of showcasing his fresh looking state-of-the-art close-up magic. With a clever opening and closing, he's produced an easy to watch tape with extremely high production values. The magic is strong and visual. Gaston is very skillful, but there is material here within the reach of any serious student. All I can say is now I want to go out and find a glass table!" - David Williamson
    "Gaston Quieto performs some dynamic magic...great close-up with cards and coins! The video is well produced and very creative! I would highly recommend this tape to any performer interested in good close-up magic." - Paul Gertner
    "As I watch this tape and his flawless execution of the routines I asked myself did he just do the move? A good close-up magician should defy detection. A well thought out executed routine should amaze everyone....even seasoned professionals. Gaston Quieto is such a close-up artist." - Allan Ackerman
    "The effects are really strong, both the card ones & coins. The explanations are really clear, although some of them are quite difficult to learn but perfectly well workable." - Fantasio
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