Tom Cutts - AM PM

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    Tom Cutts -  AM  PM  


    This is a rare complete file of Tom Cutts’ AM/PM magic magazine.Includes every issue ever published. (Issue #1 is even signed)AM/PM (About Magic…Performing Magic) was a magic magazine published six times a year by Tom Cutts out of California from 2001 – 2002.It was angled towards the theatrical performance and the theory of magic, along with some effects.IssuesVolume 1, Issue 1 – October 31, 2001. Volume 1, Issue 2 – January/February 2002. Volume 1, Issue 3 – March/April 2002. Volume 1, Issue 4 – May/June 2002. Volume 1, Issue 5 – July/August 2002. Volume 1, Issue 6 – September/October 2002. Volume 2, Issue 1 – November/December 2002.**Be sure to check out my other auctions for more vintage magic magazines, including…-The Phoenix (Walter B. Gibson & Bruce Elliott)-The New Phoenix (Jay Marshall)-The Jinx (Ted Annemann)-Talisman (Jules Lenier & Jerry Blount)-Spell-Binder (Stephen Tucker)-The Sorcerer’s Eyes (Bob Long)-Arcane (Jeff Busby)-AM/PM (Tom Cutts)-Magical Bookie (Stephen Patrick)-Alla-Kazam (MacDonald Magic)**

    The AM/PM is finally out.

    Read what folks are saying:

    “Any serious performer will benefit from the wealth of practical advice and audience tested material within the pages of this invaluable magazine” – Roger Klause

    “With AM/PM, Tom Cutts has started a magazine about entertaining with magic. It’s about time. Power to him, and AM/PM!” – David Regal

    “Great stuff.” – Peter Duffie

    “…exploring an area of magic given far too little attention in magic’s literature. I’m looking forward to watching this magazine grow and hoping it will catch hold in the way Ibidem did, a small quiet voice that grew into a roar.” – Wesley James

    “Right on the money!” – Tom Frame



     Tom Cutts -  AM  PM


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