The Vault - Fizz Master by Paul Harris and Eric Mead

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    The Vault - Fizz Master by Paul Harris and Eric Mead

    The ultimate gimmick-free miracle for close-up and stage!

    Two completely ordinary, unopened cans of carbonated beverage are honestly displayed. A spectator freely selects one of the two cans and rigorously shakes it up... then sets it down two feet from the unshaken can.

    There is no doubt they have created a volatile fizz bomb with the shaken can.

    You now use your magic to transfer the 10,000 tiny pressurized bubbles from the shaken can to the untouched can.

    You hold the shaken and armed can, grenade up, to your face and pull the trigger... and nothing -- it's a dud. The 10,000 tiny little bubbles are gone!

    You now pick up the unshaken drink, pop the top... and the canned volcano erupts in a spectacular spurt of foam and froth!

    This underground gimmick-free miracle is expertly taught to you in detail by master magician, Wayne Houchin.


    Although this effect is the perfect backyard BBQ and out-with-your-friends miracle, purchasers of this download will also receive Wayne Houchin's hilarious full stage Fizz Master routine!

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