The Vault - Breakers by Ade Rahmat

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    The Vault - Breakers by Ade Rahmat
    A playing card, key, coin, or even a borrowed credit card melt right through a solid deck of cards!

    After doing a card trick with a regular deck of cards and with no switches you offer to show them an amazing optical illusion. You borrow a key or credit card, drivers license etc. and make it melt right through your solid deck of cards.

    As soon as you show the illusion you can show them every card in the deck one by one and they can see the cards are real and that there are no holes in them.

    The gimmick is easy to load on and off the deck which allows you to hand the deck out for examination if you would like, or to continue with other effects using the same deck of cards.

    Easy to build.

    Fun to perform.

    Download it today!

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