The Unfolding by Paul Carnazzo

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    The Unfolding by Paul Carnazzo


    Three photographs are displayed, each is of a different statue of Marcus Aurelius,
    (The photographs can be any 3, so presentational possibilities are endless)

    It is explained that Marcus Aurelius was a Roman Emperor, and is also considered one of the most important Stoic philosophers. One of his most famous quotes is displayed:

    “Everything is unfolding as it must, and if you observe carefully, you will find this to be so.”

    The mentalist explains that this philosophy will be put to the test.

    A man and a woman are asked to help. 

    The woman is asked to choose a photo…any one…a completely free choice, and she can change her mind as often as she likes until she is 100% sure that she has the one she wants. The photo she chooses is placed face up in front of her on the table.

    The man is given the same choice, and it is explained that the photo that he does not choose will be left for the performer. Again, he has a completely free choice, and can change his mind as often as he likes. The photo he chooses is placed in front of him, and the remaining photo is placed in front of the performer.

    The quote by Marcus Aurelius is mentioned again.

    “Isn’t it interesting how this quote often relates so well to our lives? It makes me wonder if the reason that things often work out this way is due to fate, or perhaps our own intuition of the way things should be. Even in simple demonstrations like this…everything has unfolded as it must…”

    The photo in front of the woman is turned over, and written on the back is:

    The photo in front of the male participant is turned over, and written on it are the words:

    Finally, the photo in front of the performer is turned over, and, of course, on it is written:

    No forcing, equivoque, secret writing, switching, ambiguity, or multiple outcomes (the outcome will always be as listed above).

    Only 3 photos are used. The participants make all of the choices.

    What you get:
    A PDF containing the full routine as outlined above, artwork to print your own photos, and additional presentational ideas.

    Aside from the main effect, the PDF also has a version of Technicolor Prediction, titled "Multi-Colored", with no need for any type of i***x.
    Also included is an effect called "House Hunting", where you correctly predict which photograph of several houses a participant will choose.
    There is also "Murder-Suicide" where the photos of murder weapons are shown, and the spec. must choose the correct weapons in order for their lives to be spared! (they will always choose no blood shed!)

    NOTE: The PDF describes the above effects. There is a small “something” you’ll need to buy, which is readily available, and inexpensive.

    The main effect described above is designed to work in English, but may be applicable to other languages. I’ve been told it works in Spanish and Italian without much trouble. Some of the other effects described will work in any language.


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