The Ultimate Guide to the Switch By Alex Pandrea

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    The Ultimate Guide to the Switch By Alex Pandrea

    PART I : 2 Card Deck Switches

        Top Change Tutorial
        Flicker Switch
        Table Spread Switch
        Ultra Switch
        Top Card Second-Switch
        WTF Card Switch

    PART II : 2 Card Switches (NO DECK)

        Handling a Double
        Double Lift Without A Deck
        Top Change Without A Deck
        One-Card Ditch Technique
        Twirl Switch and Replacement
        BONUS: Pandrea’s One Hand Impossible Switch

    Alex Pandrea was first introduced to the magic community with his first sleight of hand best-seller, The Brick Pass, released in 2011 along with the launch of The Blue Crown website. Since then, he has been highly regarded as one of the greatest teachers in sleight of hand - teaching his craft in over 130 cities worldwide  and amounting close to 150,000 Youtube Subscribers who learn from Alex weekly. In this downloadable video, Pandrea presents versions of the of his favorite card switches you NEED to learn. A total of 10 switches are taught in extreme detail plus a BONUS. In this instant video download, Alex spends 60 minutes teaching the subtleties and nuances that will make these switches silent, invisible, and flawless. Filmed in high-definition, you’ll learn every detail of technique, finger placement, and hand motion to bring your pass to the next level.