The Touch of Nyarlathotep by Docc Hilford

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    The Touch of Nyarlathotep by Docc Hilford
    Product Details

    Here is the original Contact Thought Reading lesson. Using a deck of cards, Docc explains how to learn Contact Thought Reading while demonstrating a muli-layered routine.

    The routine combines several techniques, psychological, stacked deck, contact and non contact techniques as well as a "no fail" idea.

    The finale is stunning and perfect for dinners, banquets, home parties or corporate gatherings. This routine can be done up close and will teach you how to REALLY read minds!

    This is the perfect companion study to HYSTERIA.


    You'll learn a special stack for Contact Thought Reading. PLUS you'll learn how to speed set your deck.

    A 71 minute audio recording, plus several minutes of speed stacking on video.

    Get this classic piece of fringe mentalism by the master of fringe.

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