The Sleight Album by Aaron Fisher

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    The Sleight Album by Aaron Fisher

    First published in 1997, The Sleight Album remains one of the hippest manuscripts ever produced. Every single trick name was inspired by a song from the catalog of the most famous rock and roll band in history. You’ll find the original descriptions of Fisher’s famous Nowhere Pass, The One-Handed Popover, and The Illusion Control.

    You’ll also find:

    • Tricks with bubble gum:
      • Gum Together
      • Hey Chewed
    • Coins:
      • You Never Give Me Your Money
    • Cards:
      • The Long and Winding Trick
      • Here, There and Everywhere
      • The One Hand Popover
      • Sexy Sadie Sandwich (The Illusion Control)
      • Within You, Without You (a signed, selected card appears attached to a letter inside an envelope)

    Not only will you see how one of today’s hottest creators got his start, you’ll get a window into his early thinking the seminal creations that form the basis for Fisher’s worldwide reputation as one of this generation’s premier sleight of hand creators.

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