The Simplex Magic Square by Mark Elsdon

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    The Simplex Square is the super easy and direct Magic Square that I have been using for close-up, walk-around and casual performances for the last 12 or 13 years.

    It uses something that you already have in your wallet: business cards.

    The effect is simplicity itself: someone secretly chooses (and writes down) a number. You take out a business card and draw a square, filling it with numbers. You ask which column their number is in.

    Of course, they reply that it isn’t in any of them. You ask them to choose any one of the 4 columns and whichever they indicate, you show it to add up to their secretly chosen number.

    You then show that the other 3 columns also add up to their secret number. Then all four rows...Then both diagonals... Then all four corners... The four middle numbers, etc, etc.

    Almost zero memory work and the although handling is super easy it is also very deceptive. And because you are apparently unaware of the number it elevates the effect from being a clever maths demonstration to an absolutely impossible brain‐boggler!

    I promise, you'll learn this in 10 minutes and use it all the time. It is also the PERFECT way to hand out your business card.

    If you already do a Magic Square, then you don't need this. But if you've been meaning to learn one, or did learn one and then forgot the maths, or always been put off by the thought of having to remember a complex formula, then this is the one you need!

    Reviews from early purchasers:

    "I've been using James Biss' Magic Square for years, but this is much easier, the tiny little bit of maths is simpler and follows a more logical progression, plus Mark tips some great resources for anyone wanting to explore and expand this plot. 10/10." - Elliott Watson

    "Mark this is such a worker. Thanks." - Tony Hawkins

    "Awesome stuff Mark, thanks again." - Ryan Fricke

    "I'll be adding it to my wallet very shortly." - Dean Odell

    The Simplex Square is fully explained in an eBook*

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