The Signal by Emma Wooding

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    The Signal by Emma Wooding

    Divine a thought of dream with 100% accuracy!

    From the creator of the Impromptu Invisible deck, Emma Wooding brings The Signal.

    The Signal is a detailed routine where the spectator thinks of a dream, after giving a small reading the performer then begins to divine the dream by giving specific details that no one other than the spectator would know. After giving specific details the performer divines the dream.

    In this document i cover,

    - The basic routine.
    - The Lines principle.
    - The Scroll principle.
    - Wrap lines.
    - How to give a quick and simple reading.

    Whether you are a pro that performs back to back gigs or a beginner who just performs to their family, you are going to love this routine. The Signal is, 100% sure fire, easy to do, fun, fits easily into your wallet, no odd anagrams, can be performed surrounded in any scenario, no DR or NW.

    "Imagine being able to sit down with someone and, after a few short moments, describe their dreams for them in detail and not only that, interpret those dreams so they make sense to the volunteer? This is the gift that Emma gives you in this remarkable release". - Paul Voodini

    “Emma, I now have this trick in my wallet for those “Show me a trick” moment. I really like the plot and the method works! Nice.” - Olivier Boës (creator of 10S Star Sign Divination).

    Download the  tutorial today  !

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