The Sentir Tear by David Numen

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    The Sentir Tear by David Numen

    "This is brilliant" - Bob Cassidy

    David Numen describes his thoughtfully engineered center tear variation. He uses many photos to communicate the subtleties clearly.

    As an application for his center tear David describes a Living and Dead Test.

    And as a bonus he teaches you a wonderful book test. In terms of what the audience will see and recall this is pretty much similar to the Canasta Book Test in effect but quite different in method. A page number and a line number are chosen freely by two spectators - both choices unknown to the performer. A third spectator is asked to select a book (or they could bring their own) and to look up that page and line and someone else selects a position on that line. You reveal the word - and can also reveal the entire line should you wish.


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