The Reverend Sister Rae - Astrology Without Tears Volume Two

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    Over three years after releasing Astrology Without Tears, Volume One (the easiest way of creating a quick relationship compatibility reading we know of), we're pleased to offer Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two.

    Like the original, Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two lays out a no-brainer system for giving legitimate astrology readings without having to do the heavy lifting of learning and memorizing the complex workings of traditional astrology. At the heart of this easy-to-learn system is the Sister Rae SkyChart, which contains all the visual cues you'll need to give an extremely credible astrology reading.

    Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two Package features a 39-page ebook with illustrations that explains in detail how to use the Sister Rae SkyChart and its simple cues for the main attributes of every astrological sign. After reading the manual, you will be able to easily deliver an on-the-spot reading that will be consistent with any full-blown astrological chart that would take hours to create. Highly versatile, the readings you create with the Sister Rae SkyChart can be used in a Q&A act or as the basis for a full-length astrological reading for your private clients. 

    Here's what's included in the Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two Package...
    - How to use the Sister Rae SkyChart

    - Sample reading with step-by-step analysis

    - Additional ideas to enhance your readings

    - Tips from Millard Longman, Gene Nielsen & Ron Martin

    Ideas on using the SkyChart in your Q&A act

    - How to give Cool Personal Advice

    - Hurling the Tarot Headlines

    - 2 high-quality versions of the SkyChart

    As the last item suggests, the Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two Package comes with two high-quality digital files -- one file is a for a version that you can print out on your own printer and use immediately, and the second file is designed to be used for a larger version that you can have printed at your local print shop.

    After we released the
    Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two Package, it occurred to me that it might be helpful if we had included sample readings for all 12 signs in the manual. We started with that simple idea, which soon grew to another 30-page manuscript which includes the additional sample readings, more ideas on how to use the SkyChart, and material from C. Dayton, Enrique Enriquez and Millard Longman. Combined with the original Astrology Without Tears, Volume Two manual, you get a lot of material to help you create readings with the Sister Rae SkyChart system.

    One of the secrets that drives skeptics and debunkers crazy is that even in our so-called enlightened times, recent research indicates that 90% know their zodiac sign, over 50% believe the attributes that are assigned to their sign, and 25% check their horoscopes on a daily basis. Imagine how marketable readings based on the
    Sister Rae SkyChart system can be -- here are just some of the venues where you can use this easy-to-learn reading system...
    - Close-up

    - Parlor


    - Corporate Events

    - Singles Events

    - Private Readings

    - Home Parties

    - Lectures

    - Workshops

    - Psychic Fairs
    If you booked only one of each of the events listed above every month, you could be talking about what some would consider to be a decent living.

    The Sister Rae SkyChart is a versatile
    system that is easy to learn and use, and if you've been hesitant about offering astrology readings because there is just so much to learn and memorize, this is the perfect way to add this time-honored element to your performing palette.

    PLEASE NOTE: The Sister Rae SkyChart is a free-standing system you can use even if you don't own Astrology Without Tears, Volume One. Owning both volumes, however, could be highly beneficial, since you could offer the Sun Sign SoulMate relationship compatibility charts that come with Volume One to your audiences and private clients for an additional source of revenue. 
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