The Receiver by Jimmy Strange

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    The Receiver by Jimmy Strange
    instructions download only
    Two empty cups, connected with a piece of string.

    With this, you can transmit your thoughts to a spectator.

    And even though you don't say a word, they will hear your voice.

    The Receiver will bring your spectators back to their childhood, by using the Cup and String Telephones.

    You can send your thoughts, whether this would be a prediction, revelation or a secret message.

    You can send a card value, ESP symbol, shape or object, number or a person's name, star sign or anything else.

    You can even go beyond magic and send your spectator's love message or proposal to their beloved.

    It could be used close up, on stage, parlor, YouTube or street magic.

    Perfect for Halloween, Christmas, weddings, parties or any other special occasion.

    Perform as a comedy act, give it a spooky twist or any other style that fits your routine.

    Take any paper cups from any coffee shop. Let the spectator handle them freely to see that they are indeed empty.

    If you want to WOW your audience with a totally unique piece of magic, then The Receiver is just the right one for you.

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