The Queen Thing by Scott Robinson

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    The Queen Thing by Scott Robinson

    When we release magic, the quality we search for, more than anything else, is experience. We want effects that have been thoroughly worked through, tested, and honed to perfection. "The Queen Thing" is one of Scott Robinson's most coveted "pet" effects. It has it all: magic, surprise, and a twist ending. The economy of construction is such that you get maximum impact from a minimum of sleights, and every move is justified and covered.

    In effect, a selected card is mixed among four Queens. The selected card vanishes and appears in your pocket, and then instantly changes places with the four Queens. It all happens in less than a minute, and the routine is packed full of deceptive magic.

    Scott is methodical teacher, and shares insights not only into how to perform "The Queen Thing," but also why he made specific choices and implemented certain techniques. He teaches with confidence and clarity, so that you can perform "The Queen Thing" with the same precision shown in the trailer.

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