The Object Divination Act

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    The Object Divination Act


    The secrets inside this eBook enable you to guess an object chosen or even hidden by anyone while your back is turned!


    8+ tricks that take Bob Hummer's 1951 secret discovery to places you would never thought of. 


    As you progress through the chapters, you will witness a remarkable evolution in the impossibility of the tricks ending with "The Ultimate Object Divination Act" by Le Val & Prager where you genuinely do not know where an object is hidden, and by the end, you know exactly where it is without the spectator saying a word! He can remain silent the entire process. We confidently assert that this trick represents the most exceptional rendition of Bob Hummer’s 1951 secret principle.


    After finishing this eBook you will have the ability to accurately guess thought-of objects and the power to locate hidden objects solely through the power of your mind at any moment!



    The Object Divination Act



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