The Maker Magician's Handbook Book by Mario Marchese

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    The Maker Magician's Handbook Book by Mario Marchese

    One of magic’s most creative thinkers welcomes you into his exciting world of magic and making.

    Labeled by David Blaine as one of the best children’s magicians in the world after their tour together, Mario “The Maker Magician” Marchese is known for his signature style and wildly creative magic. While he might specialize in kids magic, his one-of-a-kind performances resonate with all ages (as seen by his unanimous 5-star reviews for his Mastercass: Live lectures).

    And this is no accident. Mario refuses to be a cut and paste magician. Every aspect of his show is infused with his own distinct personality. He creates a cohesive experience by making many of his own props and set pieces. With The Maker Magician’s Handbook, Mario offers you a beginner’s guide to making your own magic with simple “hacks” to everyday objects around your home.

    All of the exciting projects in this book will challenge your creativity and inspire you to look at your routines through a whole new lens. As he has such a distinct style, Mario doesn’t expect you to create and perform each effect exactly as written. But, if you want to explore creating them to match your own personality, all you’ll need are some regular household objects like paper, ziploc bags, index cards, pencils, crayons and scissors.

    As your journey through making magic progresses, Mario will introduce you to the amazing world of 3D design tools like Tinkercad. You don’t need to own a 3D printer either, because Mario discusses how access to public 3D printers is easier than you think. He’ll even show you how to add a bit of robotics to your magic with programming software like Arduino (a powerful and versatile tool that is explored in even more detail in his other book Robot Magic).

    Get started with making your own magic with The Maker Magician’s Handbook.