The Larry Peek Wallet (Online Instructions) by Mago Larry

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    The Larry Peek Wallet (Online Instructions) by Mago Larry

    Watch the video and you'll see what all the excitement is about! Read what super mentalist, Richard Osterlind, has to say below. If you are seeking a tool to gather secret information for you, and FAST, the Larry Peek Wallet does the job brilliantly!

    "The Larry Peek Wallet is, like all of his creations, wonderful! Larry always has a way of coming up with something a little different and ingenious. Those of you who have Larry's Lock know how clever that prop is. Well, the Larry Peek Wallet is just as diabolical! With it you can create direct and impossible feats of mind reading. It is a great accessory that no Mentalist should be without!"
    - Richard Osterlind


        Online video instructions only, no wallet included

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