The Hoax Issue 1-3 Bundle Pack - Antariksh Singh, Sapan Joshi

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    The Hoax Issue 1-3 Bundle Pack - Antariksh Singh, Sapan Joshi
    Magzines put together with tons of Practical ideas.
    Here We putting our 3 Issues all together as bundle and You'll Get Total 15 Tricks & Ideas that is visual practical and fooling.
    an along with interview of John Guastaferro & Ray Kosby


    Here is the Content list
    Issue 1

    1. aSap Sandwich by Sapan : An Impromptu quick and flashy sandwich effect that could be part of any of your sandwich routine

    2. Passed out Collectors by Sapan : A very clean and direct handling for the collectors plot

    3. Miraculo Production by Waseem: This a quick and magical 4 of a kind production (published in talk about tricks in magic magazine)

    4. Pop Aces by Waseem : This is four of a kind production used as a little trick in itself.used by him since 2 years as restaurant opener.

    5. Messy Blessy Poker by Antariksh : A deck shuffled face up face down by a spectators resulting in a chaotic poker deal demonstration in which you always end up with the royal flush.

    (32 pages with photographs & performance links )

    Issue 2

    1. Sneak Peek Control by Aarsh: A very devious control. Easy and so good that it will even fool the magicians who think they know what is going on

    2. Sneaky Palm: An extended application of the Sneak Peek Control.

    3. Sneaky C.A.A.N: A nice take on the classic card at any number.

    4. Thafun Change by Tharun : This is just beautiful. Not very easy but once mastered a really elegant color change in your arsenal.

    5. Inferior Control by Sapan: Its Control with many possibility for Ideas

    6. Prain Change by Praveen: A crazy color change. Features a bonus idea too.

    7. In The Limelight: Ray Kosby Interview. and yes he talked about his famous raise raise.

    (44 pages with photographs & performance links)

    Issue #3

    1: Color Blind by John Guastaferro : A short and quick routine of DR.Daley's Last Ace Trick

    2: Out of Sight, Inside the box by Cameron Francis : Simple and Devious handling of the Vernon Classic.

    3.Pick pocket Aces by john guastaferro: John's take on Vernon's Travellers Where the cards also travel into spectator's pocket.

    4.Simple sandwich by Vikas Bhadola : A Very subtle sandwich that looks simple but it caught magician off guard.

    5.Chacha Control by Sapan Joshi : A versatile Card control for you to learn.

    6.In the Limelight : John Guastaferro Interview.

    (33 pages with photographs)

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