The Empirical ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra

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    The Empirical ACAAN by Abhinav Bothra

     An engaging version of Any Card At Any Number

    Love it or Hate it but most of the numerous versions of ACAAN out there end up in the same ball park -- look what I can do or I manipulated your choices without your knowledge or simply as a coincidence.

    THE EMPIRICAL ACAAN drifts from all of that, here is an ACAAN that makes people connect to each other. An ACAAN that is not about you but about the audience with virtually no sleight invoved.

    What’s great is that 70% of the times you'll have a hands-off / clean ACAAN and for the rest 30% you have to do something logical which is covered by the presentation to make it look like a hands-off ACAAN.

    It involves 3 participants
    1st names the number, 2nd names the value and 3rd the suit.
    The cards get dealt down and just the way it should be, their card lies at the named number.

    - examinable deck (can be left with them as souvenir)
    - easy to learn (you can perform this within 20 minutes)
    - 70% of the times you'll seemingly have a HANDS OFF/CLEAN ACAAN

    This download comes with a video file for better explanation of certain elements.

    Pages: 15 pages (2 MB)
    Video: 17 minutes (118 MB)

    Honest Notes:
    - There is a simple sleight involved that gets done ONLY ONCE way before the trick truly begins.
    - This involves some 1st Grader's Mathematics (substracting a single digit from another single digit) and you get a full 10 second pause to do so covered under the presentation.

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