The Early Years by Jonathan Royle

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    The Early Years by Jonathan Royle
    In his former stage name of Alex-Le-Roy, Jonathan Royle was a regular contributor to many of the leading British Magic Magazines during the early to mid 1990s.

    Collected together here for the first time in The Early Years eBook, you will gain access to 50 illustrated pages of magic tricks, stage-illusions, mentalism and psychic feats, and comedy entertainment routines.

    Just a few of the tricks, illusions and complete audience-tested routines taught in this package include the following:

    *Case-Dismissed is one of the most eye boggling, mystifying and truly entertaining packet card tricks that you will ever learn - you will want to add this to your repertoire.

    *Legs Apart is an adults-only card trick with a very visual, unexpected and highly comical ending that, for appropriate audiences, is a reputation maker.

    *Royle reveals how to instantly add no less than 31 visual and verbal comedy impressions to your show -- these will draw big laughs from your audiences.

    *You'll discover the exact method and secret for the unique version of "Impaled Illusion" that, along with the help of fellow magicians Jamie Allan and David Arkay, we supplied to Legendary Illusionist Simon Drake. He then used it on his UK Theatre Tour in the early 1990s, and also on the Iron Maiden "Raising Hell" world-syndicated television special.

    *One length of rope is cut into two and then thrown into the air -- it visibly restores before the audience's eyes! They can see that your hands are empty - perform this in short sleeves if you'd like!

    *A chosen playing card is cut into two pieces. It is then restored almost instantly and visibly!

    *Comical ending for the Spot the Spots Paddle trick, involving a small ornament of a dog.

    *A borrowed cigarette is pushed through a matchbox in much the same way as the Cigarette Through Coin Routine.

    *4 coins travel magically, one by one, from your hand as well as your spectator's hand. They appear, one at a time, inside a previously empty matchbox. The coins then vanish completely and the matchbox changes to a giant coin.

    *Patter for a complete, comedy cabaret Fire-Eating Routine -- along with some insights on how to actually eat fire properly.

    *Having produced a fan of cards, it visually transforms into an evening cane -- a great way for a manipulation act to segue from cards to canes.

    *Even a complete psychic-style mentalism and mind-reading show is taught in simple, step-by-step detail.

    *Plus, lots of other original ideas for close-up magic tricks and even stage Illusions are revealed along the way.

    All of these routines were originally published in magic magazines and in Royle's first book, Original Magic. It was published in 1991 when he was aged 16, under his former stage name of Alex-Le-Roy.

    Incidentally, the first-ever copy of that book was purchased by none other than the late and great, legendary magician, Paul Daniels! Now you can master them by reading The Early Years eBook.

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