The Dark Waltz by Michael J. Fraughton

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    The Dark Waltz by Michael J. Fraughton

    Michael J. Fraughton's material has been difficult to find—until now. For many years 'The Dark Waltz', a text on the fine art of Bizarre Magic, has rested within the ownership of L&L Publishing. Now, it is available at last. Within its pages you will find many of Michael’s signature routines like 'The Dorian Hand of Glory' and 'The Phantom Violinist'.

    It has taken time, but at last Michael has opened his world to you. Welcome to the dark side of illusion.

    Michael J. Fraughton is being recognized as one of the foremost up and comming Bizarre magicians. This is his full show, along with thoughts and ideas. Assistance, contributions, and ideas came form men such as Jeff McBride, Christian Chelman, Mark Edwards, and Eugene Burger. Jeff McBride wrote the introduction.

    1st edition 2005; 123 pages.

    Table of Contents
    page           page

        Defining The Magician
        My approach to, and Philosophy of, the Creative Process
        Clouds At Night
        The Home Of Talus Thraven
        The Strange Thing About Magicians
        The Phantom Violinist
        Latex Hounds Of Hell
        The Spook Show
        The Light Seance
        A New Rapping Hand
        Magic That Matters
        The Dorian Hand Of Glory


        The Liquid Lense
        Door Of Flame
        To Control Ten Thousand Minds
        What Should Have Been Written By T. A. LeVar
        Setting The Stage
        Red Jack
        The Summoning Of The Beast
        The Sacred Order Of The Seventh Circle
        The Tears Of Dr. Faustus
        Fear-Mark Edward's Contribution

    word count: 36156 which is equivalent to 144 standard pages of text

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