The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic By Walter B. Gibson

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    Walter Gibson - The Complete Illustrated Book of Card Magic By Walter B. Gibson

    The complete illustrated book of card magic: the principles and professional techniques fully revealed in text and photographs.

    Details: All basic secrets, master methods, and the greatest magic tricks done with cards – explained and illustrated step-by-step by WALTER B. GIBSON, one of the greatest authorities in the history of magic!

    If you have ever been baffled by the flawless performance of a card trick . . . if you have ever dreamed of amazing your friends with a deck of cards . . . this astonishing, giant of a book is for you. It shows how all the tricks are done – and how to do them yourself. And it’s easy! Because Walter Gibson – friend and close associate of Houdini and Blackstone – explains every trick every step of the way!

    The ultimate reference on card magic You’ll learn Houdini’s own “top change,” how to prepare a deck, how to force a spectator to choose the card you want him to. You’ll find nine pages of gambler’s tricks. In all, you’ll learn 23 simplified tricks; 89 basic sleights; 86 methods of card control; 34 patterns of card discoveries; 18 special tricks; 51 flourishes; 9 color changes; 85 full-pack tricks; 33 special types of tricks; 17 dealing tricks; and 20 prepared tricks. All in the 200,000 clearest, most authoritative words ever written on the subject.

    Plus . . . 379 Photo-illustrations. Every photograph is captioned and every one was taken with mirrors. Which means that, as Walter Gibson performed, he saw his hands an d chose the clearest position for the photograph . You see every step o f the trick exactly.

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