The Book of Fate by Dan Dent

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    The Book of Fate by Dan Dent

    The Book of Fate is collection of easy to perform Tarot cards routines. None of the ‘methods’ used are entirely new, but the presentation and scripting make for engaging, practical ‘workers’.

    Three of the routines are perfect for Close-Up/ Walk-Around performances and adhere to a strict criteria of conditions: instant reset, performed in the hands (no need for a table) and goes back in the pocket it came from. The fourth routine is a Stand-Up piece (though it can be performed Close-Up) and has featured many, many times on the author’s Ghost Walk of Zurich; always to great reactions.  

    The Book of Fate, the main effect in the PDF, pairs a Tarot deck with a diary effect and the spectator receives a one-card reading for good measure. It does require some initial preparation (including making up a rough and smooth deck), but the results are well worth the effort. Two versions of the effect are offered; one without revealing the spectator’s chosen Tarot card before they name it and the other with. To get the most out of the routine, a basic knowledge of the Major Arcana Tarot card meanings is required. A list of each card and keywords to its meaning is included in the book.  

    Witch Trial is based on the old Colour Monte or three card trick. The handling has been modified to keep the Tarot cards oriented correctly throughout the routine and the moves match the elements of the script perfectly. The plot centres around the last person to be executed for witchcraft in Europe. A link is included to a performance only video of the routine.

     The Pip And The Pendulum, sees a pendulum, held by a spectator, trace the elements on various minor arcana cards; think of Richard Webster’s Pendulum Power given the Tarot treatment. As a stand alone piece, it makes a great bit-of-business, teaching people how to use a pendulum. When used as a lead in to Deddy Corbuzier’s Free Will (using Tarot cards) it blends both effects into one, beautifully motivated routine you will love performing.
    NB: Free Will is not taught in this PDF, though how to link the two effects together is explained).  

    Ghost Walk Tarot is a Stand-Up routine, and more a performance piece than a magic effect; though there is some slight trickery involved. A Tarot reading for a couple in the audience offered, though it soon becomes clear that actually the performer is trying to ‘chat up’ one of the people in the relationship. Even if it isn’t your ‘cup of tea’, you’ll get a kick out of the script. The routine will translate into any language, though several of the ‘word plays’ would have to be reworked.

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