The Birthday Party Business By Ross MacRae

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    The Birthday Party Business By Ross MacRae

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    1 - A BRIEF INTRODUCTION - How to get the most use from the video as an effective study guide.
    2 - STARTING YOUR BUSINESS (The Right Way) - When you turn your magic into a money-making business, here are some important things you'll want to do correctly from the very start.
    3 - WHY -?? Why should a skilled magician focus on "little kids" Because you'll be out doing paid shows, polishing your skills, performing, instead of sitting at home practicing sleights and complaining about how little work there is But. that's just the beginning!
    4 - COSTUME & CHARACTER - "Tuning up" your character as a magician, and doubling your sales by offering an easy and simple clown character How to easily change between clown and magician in a single day's series of shows..
    5 - SELECTING YOUR MAGIC -! Here's how to choose the best effects and take them from "ordinary tricks" to SUPER ENTERTAINMENT We'll take a familiar trick right out of a book, demonstrate it as written, and then "turn it on" with entertainment and fun!
    6 - ROUTINING - Parents expect more than just magic? Here's how to structure your show into complete birthday party entertainment, adding popular features like games, balloons, and some "secret super-seller" ideas!
    7 - SETTING YOUR PRICE -! HOW MUCH to charge and WHY How to find out what people will pay (I'm gonna make some people angry here, but this is the only effective way!).
    8 - SELLING - Where to advertise, how to avoid wasting your money and your effort, and how to make sure YOU are the one they book Fine-tune your sales pitch with strategies that SELL!!
    9 - PERFORMING - How to do the most effective performance easily, how to make sure both parents & children love what you do, and much more!
    10 - WORKING WITH CHILDREN -? What makes a children's audience really GREAT How can you do more than "control" children? how to turn all that noise into ENTERTAINMENT "GOLD"!
    11 - HANDLING PROBLEMS -.! If you perform a lot (and you will), the unexpected will happen Here's how to take it in stride and turn a difficulty into a success How to eliminate problems before they happen!
    12 - BALLOONS -. A ten-minute lesson in basic balloon-twisting Even if you've never tried balloon sculpture before, here are six basic designs you can do today, a "golden moment" that parents will remember next year, plus how to learn more (and why you do not really need to)!
    13 - SOURCES - Ross's recommended books, routines, suppliers? And where to get what you need for LESS!

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