Telepathic Memory by Unknown Mentalist

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    Telepathic Memory by Unknown Mentalist

    This intro price will go up to $12 from June 27, 2022.

    Telepathic Memory is a dual combination effect where you can demonstrate both your telepathic abilities as well as your super power memory.

    From a random list of over 50 cities and their population figures, a participant chooses a city and its population figure. Using your telepathic ability, you divine the population figure in the participant's mind and then using your super power memory, you also declare the name of the city related to that population figure.

    Three different routines are explained. And these effects can be performed in close-up, street, parlor, stage scenarios, and even on a virtual show. You can even carry this list as an image on your phone.

    The list of cities and their population figures are included as a printable prop. So that you can just print and perform. You can print the list in any size you feel comfortable with. Even if your printed sheet wears and tears after a few performances, you can simply print another one.

    1. This effect is a novel take on a classic principle.
    2. There are no sleights, no preshow, no stooges or instant stooges.
    3. There are no secret writings, no one aheads.
    4. The routines are language independent and can be performed in any language.
    5. There is no dual reality, no reframes, no psy forces.
    6. No arts n crafts or DIY is needed and there is nothing to reset.
    7. There is no tearing or switching and nothing is spoken or written down.
    8. The entire routine is self-working and easy to learn and perform.
    9. There is no equivoque, no apps or electronics or magnets.

    1st edition 2022, PDF 18 pages.

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