Tech(U)nique Vol.1 by Jin

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    Tech(U)nique Vol.1 by Jin
    Tech(U)nique is a collection of JIN's unique and hard-to-reach card magic and techniques.

    Tech(U)nique, a highly praised lectures by many magicians,
    It will be produced in a total of 3 series.
    Now you can meet the first part of the Tech(U)nique. Hope you enjoy it!

    What is included in this lecture?

    -Main card technique

    1. Damaso Pass
    This is really magical technique.
    Damaso Pass is a very natural move with showing only one side of a card.

    2. Heel Break
    A technique that shows the card break without limitation of angle.

    3. Windmill change
    This is a technique that was released on Sandsmind. The ultimate visuals!

    And more techniques are being introduced.


    A card routine with using Damaso Pass and Windmill Change

    2. Chaosmos
    Amazing visual Triumph

    3. Color Change Fan
    It's a magic that can be performed not only to the close-up but also to the stage.

    4. Up & Down
    With using cups and cards to present compositionally beautiful presentations.
    Damaso Pass and various techniques are used to present magic with unexpected twists.

    You must watch this lecture if you're a cardician!
    It's real magic with original techniques that are hard to believe.The various techniques included are admirable, and magician Jin's unique approach and detailed touch will further broaden your horizons
    -Jeki yoo

    “Jin is an extremely gifted card handler and his lecture is well worth your time and attention”
    -Christian Grace

    “I’ve followed Jin for some time now. His work is elegant and practical and surprising and awesome."
    -Jeremy Griffith

    Timeless plots with modern techniques and classy choreographs. Learning Jin's magic makes me want to go out and book gigs so I can perform them as much as I can!
    -Zee yan

    It is not well known, but it contains valuable techniques like treasure.