TCC & Treey - Anything to Lighter

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    TCC & Treey - Anything to Lighter 




    In 2021, we released “Sealed” by Treey Zhou, an organic impossible object-to-canister effect, which was quite well-received globally.

    No matter the time period, organic and natural-looking props are highly sought after by magicians. The longer your journey into the world of Magic, the more you will fall in love with organic-type magic props.

    Compared with unusual items that no one has seen before outside a magic show, the objects themselves would not arouse the suspicion of the audience, but only brings a wonderful experience at the required moment, causing the audience to feel that the magician really ‘can do real magic’.

    Once again we have collaborated with Treey to bring you another release that is also very organic – The Anything to Lighter.

    Use the lighter to vanish any small item, and have the item appear inside the lighter.

    As you can see, The Anything to Lighter allows you to seal objects inside the lighter in a second, without any sloppy or weird movements.

    Anything that can fit in the lighter, such as coins, earrings, a folded playing card, a Playing card corner, finger rings, etc.

    It is not a brand new concept for objects to appear inside a lighter. I believe you have seen similar effects before, so what is the uniqueness of The Anything to Lighter?

    It is based on a real retro kerosene lighter. It can be used as a real lighter if you want.
    The lighter appears to be sealed with a screw, which improves the magic impact to a greater extent.
    Since it is a real lighter, of course, it can be examined arbitrarily as well as carefully by the spectators.

    The set comes complete with the lighter & gimmick. The lighter is a brass retro kerosene lighter, and the gimmick is made of high-quality acrylic.

    The gimmick is handcrafted and adjusted by Treey and will last many years with the right care.

    To retain a large portion of the secret, the promotional material does not show much of the gimmick.

    Use the lighter to vanish any small object and have the object appear inside the lighter;
    Powerful and organic magic;
    Can be used as a real kerosene lighter;
    Long-lasting storage of lighter fluid. Replaceable flint;
    The main body & gimmick are handmade with meticulous details.


    TCC & Treey Anything to Lighter

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