TCC Magic - Mini Roulette

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    TCC Magic - Mini Roulette



    The magician produces a small wooden block with a spike sticking out of it, the pointy end up. The audience is invited to inspect the spike before it is placed in one of four identical paper bags, shuffled, and mixed up.

    The magician then plays a game of chance, trying to avoid the bag containing the spike by slamming his hand down on the other bags. If he guesses wrong, the spike will go through his hand. After three failed attempts, he eventually finds the spike safely.

    This famous trick goes by many names, such as the Nail Roulette, Devil’s Nail, Smash & Stab, etc. The base routine is credited to Wayne Dobson in 2001, and it has been performed by magicians worldwide for over 20 years.

    However, due to its nature, current versions of the effect are typically only performed on stage. Terry Chou has solved this problem by creating a compact version of the prop, the Mini Roulette.

    The Mini Roulette is a small box (only 110 * 93 * 35.7 mm) that contains all the necessary items for the routine, including four paper bags, four wood bases, and two spikes. The Mini Roulette provides a close-up experience for the audience, and the entire set can be easily transported in a bag for performances.

    Safety is the top priority for the Mini Roulette,as the Nail Roulette routine is known to be one of the most dangerousroutines in the world of magic, anyone can search for “magician fails” on Youtube to see the risks involved. Terry Chou has designed the prop with practical handling and safety measures, making the performer’s choice random yet 100% safe during the routine.

    The Mini Roulette is made of sturdy and durable North American black walnut and includes two stainless steel spikes, allowing for a variety of performance options.

    The Mini Roulette provides a professional magic routine that has been tried and tested for over 20 years, offering over five minutes of entertaining stage time while prioritizing safety for both the performer and the audience.


    • A classic routine has been popular internationally for over 20 years.
    • A mini version designed for close-up performances.
    • 100% risk-free, allowing the magician to choose freely.
    • The Mini Roulette is made with exquisite craftsmanship, featuring a North American black walnut box and block, as well as stainless steel spikes.
    • INCLUDES40 paper bags(15cm x 9cm).
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