Tarot Spells - True Mystery

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    Tarot Spells - True Mystery

    ‘‘Tarot Spells’’ offers a unique set of techniques and skills that can easily be incorporated into your existing work that will allow you to present your audience with something utterly unique, genuinely magical and that will result in the impact of your performances expanding into their day to day life, long after the show has ended. 

    “With ‘‘Tarot Spells’’ I offer the mystery arts something I have cherished for several years.  It has become a personal highlight in my own creative explorations and is something I am very proud to contribute to our shared ligature.  It is not for everyone. If, you like me, strive for something deeper than traditional deception I suspect it will soon become a personal highlight of your own performances.” - Luke Jermay 

    The ‘Tarot Spells’ concept, is explained in a step-by-step process with the kind of insightful and truthful detail you have come to expect from Jermay’s writing.  


    The concept is not limited to stage performance.  Rather the techniques are fluid and can easily move from a one on one intimate experience to large stages. These techniques will allow you to add a powerful new ‘flavour’ into a classical demonstration of Questions and Answers or a Gallery Reading session.  They can even be used in virtual settings with the performer distant from the audience. 

    Inside this exclusive, professional typeset and edited PDF manuscript (7,531 words), you will learn a simple, never before published step-by-step internal process to easily provide insightful and accurate answer to questions from your audience members and then create from within this; something very, very, very magical and unexpected.

    ‘Tarot Spells’ is an evolution in an ongoing series of releases that explore a kind of magic and mystery entertainment that could, rightfully be defined as real magic. It is unlike anything you will have seen, read or heard about before.  A celebrity ‘psychic’ approached me multiple times to buy the worldwide exclusive rights to the idea.  I did not accept the offer and instead eagerly await the concepts growth and adaptation that comes with sharing it with the creative community of mystery entertains around the world.

    It allows the performer to provide their audiences with an artful, sensitive and transformative experience that has the potential to positively impact the experience of the world your audience members have after leaving the show.

    The kind of magic inside ‘Tarot Spells’ is different from the kind of magic that traditional tricks offer. The ‘Tarot Spells’ concept can be utilised within traditional performance frameworks; indeed, I do this.  I often combine the ideas within this manuscript inside of a classic Questions and Answers act to wonderful results. It can also be used as a singular act of creative expression, designed to bring mystery, intrigue, and a feeling of magic to someone you care about and for those who perform in intimate settings. For those who offer formal readings ‘Tarot Spells’ will create a unique and powerful resolution to the experience that lives on long after the experience has come to an end. The experience of presenting them to my audiences has firmly convinced me that they are as worthy, intriguing, and entertaining as any other form of theatrical mystery performance. 

    ‘Tarot Spells’ is an exclusive PDF download, it is not available anywhere else.  It is intended for those mystery entertainers who are willing to think beyond deceptive technique and for those who wish to add something deeper and more expressive to their work.  It is not for everyone but… you are not like everyone.


    Due to the highly original and commercial nature of the ‘Tarot Spells’ concept, two different packages are being offered for sale.  Each package grants different performance rights.  Please ensure you purchase the package that suits your intentions.  For 99% of performers the first package will be what is likely the best suited for their needs.

    Package 1: Grants full performances rights in non-recorded/broadcast settings.  This means you can use all of the content within in any setting you like when you perform in person.  Additionally, first person non-recorded/broadcasted virtual performance is included.  The only thing you are not allowed to do is record and upload videos performing the ‘Tarot Spells’ concept in any format, in anyway, ever.

    Package 2:  Grants full performance rights in all settings, including all recorded video and traditional broadcast settings.  This package is limited to 10 people worldwide and includes 2  x 45 minute,  one-on-one Zoom coaching sessions with Jermay, scheduled after purchase.  

    Please note: neither package grants the right to resell the manuscript in any form or to reproduce the concept within commercially oriented writing, teaching or coaching settings.      
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