Tarbell 94: Further Unique Mysteries Part 2

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    Tarbell 94: Further Unique Mysteries Part 2

    A variety of effects to set your magical mind spinning with ideas!

    The Cloudburst Coin: Squeeze water from a borrowed coin, then transform the coin into tons more!

    Tarbell's Production Hat: Learn how to construct and use a simple, versatile top hat which appears empty, but secretly contains whatever you want.

    A Derby and Silk Routine: A patriotic themed silk routine with a large flag production.

    Tarbell's Potato and Die: Learn how to make a Rubik's cube, held by your spectator, change places instantly with a rubber band ball.

    Tarbell's First Torn Paper Routine: A practical method for the torn and restored cigarette paper.

    Tarbell's Oranges: Over-sized version of the cups and balls using flower pots and eggs, ending with the most beautiful spring flowers you've ever seen. Harlan will teach you everything you need to make them at home.

    Classic Water Bowl Production: Learn how to produce a bowl of cereal from a large cloth. A perfect opener.

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