Swinger's Party By TC Tahoe

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    Swinger's Party By TC Tahoe

    TC has thrown a party, a pendulum swinging party and his guests have brought to this party some of the best material you will find on "the most underused tool in mentalism".

    Featuring Richard Webster, Jeff McBride, Alain Nu, Docc Hilford, Neal Scryer, Stuart Palm, Stuart Nolan, Scott Grossburg, Erick Olson, Dr. Bill and more.

    There is a little something for everyone, whether you are looking for story-telling magic, mentalism, or even tips on how to use this fascinating tool.

    So whip out your pendulum and start swingin'!

        TC Tahoe
            Drinking The Moon
            For Whom The Wine Glass Tolls
            Kiss Me Fate
            I Swing Both Ways
            T'was The Season
            Color Me Badd
            Ti ii Me Is On My Side . . . Yes It Is.
            Locked & Loaded
            Shuttle Pass
            Crazy Pendulum
        David Thiel: Slipping Into The Mystic
        Richard Webster: The Girl In The Painting
        Stuart Palm: Unconscious Awakening
        Dr. Bill: Just The Tip, Please
        Scott Grossberg: A Pendulum Talking Board
        Brynmore: The Psychic Cannon
        Alain Nu: The Sacred Pendulum
        Stuart Nolan: Ouijabird - Reasuring Ideomotor Quotient Imq
        Paul Voodini: Voodini On Pendulums.
        Neal Scryer: Pendulum Clearing
        TC's Pendulums
        Neal Scryer - Paul Romhany - Andrew Gerard: The Pendulum Deck
        Paul Alberstat: In Session
        Julien Losa: Tips
        Rich Hennessey: The Amazing Pendulum.....An Ancient Tool....And Potentially A Powerful 'Entertainment' Tool
        Pablo Amirá: Energy Of Life
        Jeff McBride: The Mage Of Amsterdam
        Paul Hallas: Pendulum Predicament
        Joe Diamond: Down Under Dowsing
        Erick Olson: He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
        Dale A. Hildebrandt: Oil, Watter, Pendulum + Witness
        Random Ideas
            Dogs Of War
            I Believe In Music
            Reading Is Fundamental
            Okito Pendulum
            Haunted Riddle
        Docc Hilford: The Docc Technique
        Cleansing Your Pendulum
        Bonus: Reading Is Fun Du Mental

    2018, 280 pages.

    PLEASE BE NOTE: This item is a digital download ,Gimmick not included

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