SUPER GLOW SET (Online Instructions) by N2G Magic

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    SUPER GLOW SET (Online Instructions) by N2G Magic

    A beautiful glowing thread for the classic "Gypsy Thread" effect! Break the thread into many pieces, and the pieces magically are restored back into one long thread.

    This thread breaks easily - not painful for your hands! Used with a hidden ultraviolet lamp inside your suit, this amazing glowing effect delivers a mysterious yet beautiful feeling to your audience.

    Effect: The magician pulls out a certain length of line from a roll of glowing thread. He then breaks it piece by piece, and kneads it into a ball. When it is unfolded it again, the broken line has been restored to a complete thread -- it's amazing! The technique is simple and neat. After performing, you can show everything to the audience for examination. OVER 500 FEET!!!

    just only instructions video download , no props included

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