Super Charged Classics Vol 2 by Mark James and RSVP

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    Super Charged Classics Vol 2 by Mark James and RSVP
    So, why should you by these videos? Well maybe its because its not all card tricks, Or maybe it's because they have 11 full working routines on them that are split into two fully working sets that you will be able to use. Maybe its because with nothing else but these videos you will have enough working material to go out and earn a living from magic. Or maybe it's because they're full of hints and tips about working as a magician.

    Whatever your reasons, these videos will help. You probably knew that though, because you're smart and that's what got you this far. So go on, go for it.... you'll like these videos, honest. 

    Volume TWO

    Thought Of Cards To Pocket -
     A 'Real Worker' that has a place in your 'Real Working repertoire.

    Multiple Selection - 5 or 6 Spectators get totally blown away at once with this easy to master miracle.

    Logical Sponge Balls - All of the greatest elements of sponge magic crammed into this super-fast monster routine.


    Bonus Item -
     Marks thoughts on the classic Pat Page drink production and how to get into it 'on the fly' whilst at the table.


    C/U Card Stab -
     A card stab routine for the close up performer, billed as the most dangerous trick you have ever done.

    Skittled - A torn and restored as you have never seen it before. Tear the corner from a skittles packet, remove some skittles, seal back on the corner. Just when they think its over, the skittles packet visually changes into M&Ms.


    Hints & Tips on Approach, Dealing with Staff, Tips...

    Running Time Approximately 1hr 30min

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