Sudo Nimh's Skeletons From the Closet - Issue one

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    Sudo Nimh's Skeletons From the Closet - Issue one

    In this premiere issue of Skeletons From the Closet,  Sudo explores and completely revamps an old effect of the late Bob Hummer into a genuine Mentalism miracle using an ordinary deck of cards. Two cards are freely chosen and thought of by two participants with absolutely no restrictions or forces of any kind and while the performer is turned away.

    With zero questions or fishing, the performer is able to immediately name both cards they have in mind! At no time does the performer ever see the face of even a single card.  And what’s more, is that it can even be performed blindfolded and is instantly repeatable – making it a perfect effect for walk-around or strolling performers.

    This routine is elegantly constructed and oh-so simple to perform. The subtle secret employed is sure to put a smile on your face. It doesn’t get much simpler or stronger than this!

    16 Pages.

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