Stewart James in Action - Episode 3

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    Stewart James in Action - Episode 3

    We uncover the "Jamesway Shuffle" which is one of Stewart's most versatile principles.
    Stewart James is one of the most prolific creators in all of magic history. He created over 2,000 magic tricks in his lifetime--many of which have become "classics." All of Stewart's best creations have been published in "Stewart James in Print: The First Fifty Years" and "The James Files." The books total over 2500 pages across three volumes. No matter if you've been in magic for decades or just a few months, odds are, you've encountered one of Stewart James’s creation's.

    This project is dedicated to taking Stewart's material off the page and putting it into action.

    Episode #3 uncovers "The Jamesway Shuffle" and its variations.

    Included in this download:
    The Jamesway Shuffle - This incredible principle will blow your mind! It doesn't seem possible, but no matter how many times you GENUINELY shuffle a packet of cards, you always have complete control. This very well may be the most versatile principle Stewart has ever created.

    Your Poker - Madison brings his own take to Stewart's original effect by generating a fun presentation with a ton of performing potential. It springs out as a natural response to the thing we magicians hear all the time, "I sure wouldn't like to play cards with you!"

    Everybody Think - This effect gets away from a poker deal demonstration and turns into a revelation of five spectator's thought of cards. Madison has significantly updated the handling to bring this wonderful routine into the 21st Century.

    This is a principle you will see the opportunity to use more than you can imagine. Pick this up, and you'll learn something truly amazing.

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