Stewart James in Action - Episode 2

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    Stewart James in Action - Episode #2
    We uncover "Remembering the Future" and its variations.
    Stewart James is one of the most prolific creators in all of magic history. He created over 2,000 magic tricks in his lifetime--many of which have become "classics." All of Stewart's best creations have been published in "Stewart James in Print: The First Fifty Years" and "The James Files." The books total over 2500 pages across three volumes. No matter if you've been in magic for decades or just a few months, odds are, you've encountered one of Stewart James’s creation's.

    This project is dedicated to taking Stewart's material off the page and putting it into action.

    Episode #2 uncovers "Remembering the Future" (originally published in 1947) and its variations.

    Remembering the Future - The principle that started it all! It's an unbelievable mathematical principle which doesn't seem possible, and yet, it works every single time.

    Remembering the Past, Present, & Future - Madison brings his own take to Stewart's original effect further hiding the mathematics and turning the great principle into a true performance piece.

    The 50% Solution - Stewart found a way to perform this same effect with only ten cards. Disguised as a card game between you and the spectator with an end they won't see coming.

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