Steve Spill - Assassin

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    Steve Spill - Assassin

    "This is a master work written by a stone cold pro who's done it all. Invaluable golden info and inspiration for any magician looking to up their game."

    • Paul Harris

    How is it possible that Steve Spill's books keep complementing and topping each other? You'd think given how much Steve has tipped already, the well would have run dry. But not at all! His newest book, ASSASSIN, continues in the vein of his previous two books: real world advice for magicians who want to create in the real world. If you ever want to step on stage as a magician, this is the book you need: along with bullet-proof advice, every one of the newly published routines is a killer. Steve shows, both explicitly and by example, how to take a commonplace effect and turn it into a magical, fun-filled experience for your audiences. Highly recommended."


    "This book gives you the information to become a working pro. You need a persona, good tricks and a work ethic. Show business is actually two words. Along with sage advice about the craft of magic you also get twelve stand up routines along with his actual words. I would never use his words or routines in the same way he does for the simple reason "I ain't him"

    Books of this type are rare. Anyone that has the dedicated will to make this a career will buy the book without a second thought.

    I have a rather odd way I look at authors and in the case of this writer my hope is to sometime meet him face to face. I want to thank him for making magic a little bit better with this book.

    I hope that anyone interested in magic will invest the time in not just reading but in thinking about what you are told. I know that I am a better performer now than I was before reading his words and you will be as well."

    • Norman Beck, MUM book reviewer

    "I very seldom recommend products or books, mostly because I have super high standards and I seldom come across something worthy of mention. So... listen up. Steve Spill's newest book, Assassin, is amazing.

    Let me back up. After I was on the cover of VANISH magazine, Steve reached out to me and basically said, "I think this might help you on your journey." And he sent me a draft of a portion of the book. I devoured the writings like a ravenous beast - it was like nothing I had ever seen in a magic book (and I'm well read). Over the next several months, Steve sent along other draft excerpts that he thought would help my career. Now I'm reading the finished version, and, wow, this book has been a very big deal for me.

    Trying to get my business off the ground during a pandemic has been hugely challenging. There were so many times I considered tossing in the towel, but Assassin has been like a really amazing (and funny) personal coach telling me to keep going. But beyond its inspirational value, Assassin really lays out the road to both designing a unique, polished act and developing the business side.

    Steve reveals exactly how he built his monumental career, and how he created all of the countless amazing routines that he continues to churn out. Learn his creative process and most inspirationally, how he ended up owning, building, and operating one of the most legendary magic theater's in history - Magicopolis.

    Steve is one of the greatest and "workingest" magicians who has ever lived, and he lays out how we can pursue similar goals. It blows my mind that this resource is available to us. Inspirational and packed with tangible business and creative advice, this book is gold.

    If you like great magic books, or more pertinently, if you're in the process of building or growing your career (or if you're trying to create your own unique magic), buy this book and thank me later."

    • Alyx Hilshey, star of The Street is my Theater (... in a Theatre)

    "In ASSASSIN Steve Spill lays out, with astonishing clarity, the process of developing and refining performance material that is novel, authentically you, and strong enough to kill. He also shares lethal material. This is a must read for anyone who performs stand-up magic."

    • Nathan Coe Marsh, Genii Magazine Book Reviewer

    "The information Assassin contains is powerful, and the material is unique, I highly recommend this book and give it a 5-star rating."

    • Nick Lewin, Vanish Magazine.


    If you've followed my career, been to my shows, or read my previous books, I wrote ASSASSIN just for you.

    It's a 260 page turner hardcover that can advance your career, both artistically and lucratively, either to take you to the next level or to get you back on track. Whatever the case, over the last five decades I've been there, and in terms of what I know, no stone has been left unturned. Some think, "Only a few special people can make it." There are only a handful of Penn & Tellers and Copperfields in this world, but there are moderately successful magicians who live amazing lives. You can be one of them.

    If you are a competent performer and need a full calendar of gigs, a residency, or want to own your own theater - be like me and get those things... my step-by-step guide, from real-life experience instead of theory, encompasses one-third of this book. Some readers will only be interested in audience-tested material they can do to bring laughs and surprises, included are these twelve little gems right here...


    A lot of mentalism seems to be about suggesting it's the art of suggestion or that one has a sharply developed sense of non-verbal communication or other psychological or scientific influence or precognitive ability. You can't say that about this merrymaking wonderworker that features a telepathic fish expiration date projector, cleverly disguised as an ordinary flashlight. What can be said, without giving everything away, is that audiences will tell you they had no idea you were this amazing and amusing. A thing of real beauty that's real magic and real funny. Another plus, this routine also makes use of a real fake fish eye.


    A prediction that's not a magician's prediction-comes-true scenario. It's all about a twist in time, a clumsy mistake in the postal system. You received a yellowed-with-age love letter from the year 1914. Even though they'd be well over a hundred-years-old today, you wish you could find the person it was written to. Instead an unintended reverse forecast, fortune telling from the past thing happens, involving members of your audience. Though not my intention, someone once told me this trick was proof of reincarnation.


    In this experiment, plastic eating enzymes devour a borrowed credit card into nothingness which reappears, restored, in a gift-wrapped box of Cracker Jack.


    A Public Service Announcement about how to save a restaurant choking victim that finishes with the surprise appearance of a large bottle of wine.


    Your toaster - that burns everything - has a bad influence on your empty microwave, from which appear multiple cans of burnt vegetables and a real live burnt bunny rabbit.


    If you are looking for a good holiday themed routine to add to your act, you might consider a Santa hat that doubles as a change bag or a trick about Rudolph. This is neither of those things. What we have here is a chattering teeth card revelation that tells a holiday story which is absolutely completely different in both script and effect to Terry Seabrook's chattering teeth card revelation.


    Solving a Rubik's Cube as a magic trick does not, aesthetically, appeal to me. But this little caper does, because it's a mystery with a painting of an unsolved Rubik's Cube, done with crayons, by Picasso.


    Nothing to do with a programming language that is one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web, this is a recurring bit of connective tissue to tie your show together with a Thermos that's constantly proved empty, but repeatedly replenishes itself, and ultimately fills nine clear mugs with black coffee.


    A quick infomercial about the new Toxins from Around the World Collection. Those who do this routine demo the first offering, Nuclear Waste, by multiplying their fingers which glow and are eaten and then blow into their thumbs and grow giant ten-inch mutant fingers.


    There was a time - for real - when I was a fashion show MC, that's when this bit with invisible accessories was tailored. The surprise climax happens when a lit candle - used for meditative purposes - transforms into the exact color and design of an invisible pocket square imagined by a spectator. Here's the routine intro, "When I started in the comedy magic game, every magician wore a tuxedo, and every comedian wore a T shirt and jeans. In terms of fashion, as a comedy magician, I was a wardrobe half breed... one foot in each craft... until I met a stylist..."


    A striking practical example of a one-off special routine developed for a corporate event that's a how-to object lesson, done with photo blow-ups of famous women you didn't know were actually bald. Their names are - Oprah, Cher, Britney Spears, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Dolly Parton.


    A unique method and presentation for the classic Chess Knight's Tour.

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