Steve Cohen - Max Malini King of Magicians, Magician of Kings

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    Max Malini's techniques, tricks, boldness and unforgettable character have become the stuff of legend. Some of the most famous magicians of all time like Dai Vernon and Ricky Jay were inspired by him. Which is no surprise, given this iconic magician circled the globe eight times enthralling kings and emperors, czars and presidents.

    Simply put, Max Malini was a magic rockstar that changed the course of magic history forever.

    Yet, until now, there has been almost no significant works published about this revered magician. That all changes with Max Malini: King of Magicians, Magician of Kings by Steve Cohen-star of New York's sensational parlor magic show Chamber Magic.

    Max Malini's incredible legacy is told like never before across more than 500 pages and 200 photographs. Uncover a wealth of never-before-shared details about one of the most important magicians of all time, including:

    • Detailed descriptions of 95 signature Malini tricks & methods
    • Images of Malini's props from David Copperfield's private museum
    • A transcription of Ozzie Malini's recollections of his father
    • A touching biography
    • Rare Malini memorabilia, including previously unpublished images

    You'll discover everything from the the methods behind Malini's famous Block of Ice Production and Blindfolded Card Stab, to the techniques he used for card controls, forcing, and card palming with his notoriously small hands. There's even a fascinating exploration of the Malini Egg Bag and the Button Biting stunt that helped him become a superstar.

    This is no ordinary magic book though. You won't just find magic secrets here. Cohen also shares a truly unique new insight into Malini's one-of-a-kind presentations and personality, and how they played a collective role in helping him achieve worldwide acclaim.

    Max Malini: King of Magicians, Magician of Kings also offers the most intimate and extensive exploration of Max Malini's life ever published. Uncovered through countless hours of meticulous research, Cohen shares dozens of new stories and photos that perfectly encapsulate the true reach of Malini's impact on magic.

    You'll find yourself captivated by Malini's life story and how he leveraged his famous chutzpah in performances and everyday life. It's a detailed account of how a truly extraordinary human became a bonafide legend.

    This stunning, large format cloth bound book (8x10) is a worthy addition to any library. It features a period-authentic, smyth-sewn cloth binding stamped in gilt, black, and blind. This book makes for a great gift for magicians or fans of magic.

    Limited copies are available. Get your copy of Max Malini: King of Magicians, Magician of Kings before they're gone!

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